Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Altar Updates

Its been a long while since I cleaned and rearranged any of my altars, so I decided it was time to do something about the last night.

Part of the reason my poor altars have been so neglected is because I haven't been able to figure out how to cat-proof them. The cats love to eat feathers, play with tarot bag drawstrings and knock crystals on the floor and break them. *sigh*

Here is the solution I've been working on for my main altar-- almost everything is contained! The bell jar has a robin's nest filled with found feathers (for air), one of the jars has polished and unpolished stones/crystals (for earth) and the other has seashells (water). I'm still a bit worried about the open flames on the candles, but I'd hate to resort to battery operated votives. The altar doesn't feel alive without fire. I supposed I could do jar candles as well, but I love using the banded onyx holders I found for the Lady and Lord. Although I'm sure they'd rather I use jar candles than set a feline afire!

This is my devotions altar-- hopefully everything is safe from the cats. Since this table is smaller and not near a window, the cats tend to leave it alone. This is just a nice, simple altar where I can ground and center or sit nearby and think. I have my pagan prayer books & devotionals, plus my Tarot Affirmations deck here. I love my little Japanese rin (gong), its ring is perfect for creating a meditative state.

I'm glad I did spring cleaning and rearranging of at least a couple of my altars. It feels like I've welcomed spirit back into my room and it makes such an amazing difference in the atmosphere!


kijjet said...

Beautiful pictures! I love your God and Goddess statues, the difference in the color between the two is beautiful and balances the whole altar.

Also I totally understand about the cat thing. I think you've come up with brilliant solutions for it! Are your cats typically interested in fire? If not, I would think the candles would be fine as long as you are nearby. Thanks for sharing your photos! I recently posted photos of my newly created altar too. It must be altar week. (Probably just spring, wanting to clean things up and renew the spirit.)

Crystalrainbow said...

Beautiful altars i love the jars and keeping the elements contained within it has a very gentle feel to it but somehow very powerful at the same time........ like the energy is focused hmmmmm beautiful idea

intothedawn said...

KIJJT~ Thank you so much. The statues are from the beautiful Dryad Design collection and they really embody the Lady & Lord for me.

Not sure if the kitties are interested in fire or not, but they are always leaping up on the table & I'm afraid they will accidentally singe themselves.

CRYSTALRAINBOW~ I didn't realize until you said it, but yes, it does feel like elemental energy focused in the jars! Thanks for the insight!

Anonymous said...

That looks really nice and hope it's keeping things in place. I have to use a lot of kid friendly things on our altar. I uaed to use the battery candles and still do a little and then keep a few stones and no salt or water on there because it ends up being dumped. :(