Monday, April 11, 2011

Herb Garden, Again

Over the weekend the Mister & I worked on putting my herb garden back together again.

The reason we have to put my herb garden back together is because-- long story short, it was torn up when the neighbors had to have their electrical cables buried. The post for all the electrical for our neighbors is in our back yard. So when the cable was buried, the trench for it was dug straight from the post, through my garden and into their yard. Above is what it looked like after they were done. It used to have a beautiful "checkerboard" made with the patio blocks, with herbs in the open spaces between the blocks.

Even my little turtle guardian of the garden was broken...

Anyway, once I got over fuming about the damage, there was nothing left to do but put it back together again. Pretty much everything was dead from the mess when the trench was dug, so we decided just to pull out all the remaining stones and patio blocks, till up the soil and start from scratch.

I am looking at it as an opportunity for improving the design from last time-- for instance, this time we're using more of the blocks to make a sidewalk and area for a bench. Last time we used flagstones and although pretty, they were very uneven and hard to walk on, so this will be much better.

I'm excited with the progress we've made so far and looking forward to my garden being even more beautiful than before.


LyndaB said...

I'm glad you've got an opportunity to make improvements, but how awful!

kijjet said...

OOH! I am envisioning this space overflowing with herbs with an awesome little bench to sit on to take in the sites and smells. I think this will be an absolutely wonderful space! Can't wait to see more pictures!

Anonymous said...

There is a magic in making a new herb bed...
Do you ever read susan weeds books?
I added herbs I never used to after her books.
If you want I will trade you a new turtle guardian ( hand made!*wink*) for one of your incredible pendants!

sukigirl said...

That's a good way to look at it Dawn!

When my son used to play hockey and he'd get upset about a game we would tell him that he could get really upset while he drank his coke but when he was finished it then he had to try to put it all behind him.

It actually worked because it gave him permission to get upset but then encouraged him to move on.

I'm looking forward to seeing what your new herb garden will look like!