Sunday, May 29, 2011

Herbs In Half Barrels

I'm using my oak half-barrel planters for some of my herbs this year, as my herb garden is still not put back together yet (working on it, though). I do love my barrels as planters, especially since we put wheels on them.

In planter #1, chamomile and lemon verbena, although right now the lemon verbena is getting overpowered. Its supposed to grow up to 3 ft. tall, so I'm sure it will catch up and surpass the chamomile eventually. I was so excited to find it! Usually I can find verbena, but not lemon verbena.

In planter #2, rosemary... and more chamomile. Although this chamomile will probably get transplanted into the herb garden once its finished. Rosemary doesn't winter over here in Colorado, but since my barrel planter is on wheels, I can roll it into the garage and hopefully it will survive during the cold, snowy months. That's the plan, anyways.

I also planted some basil in one of the bench planters on the patio... but...

... its not doing too well. The weather has still been too cold at night, I think. This is the coolest, wettest May I can recall in years and years.

Even though I covered my basil with empty upside-down plastic gallon ice cream containers on the cold nights, I think I noticed they were chilled a day too late. Only one is still alive and its not looking too good. Evidently basil is more delicate than I realize, because this is the third time I've tried growing it and I'm still not having much luck.

But its early in the growing season and I'm not giving up yet. We'll see what happens.


Kim said...

The herbs look wonderful. I have some spearmint in a pot, but I keep forgetting to water it! Oops!

Basil is so fickle. It doesn't like it too cold or too hot.

Good luck with your herbs :)

Mother's Moon's Message said...

love the barrel idess,,, your cammomile looks wonderful... maybe you need to give the other its own barrel as well....

intothedawn said...

KIM~ Good to know part of the problem is the basil and not just me! LOL

MOTHER MOON~ In retrospect, the lemon verbena probably does need its own space. I'd love to have another barrel (or two! one for the basil as well) but not enough room on the patio...

Anonymous said...

I have always had a hard time with basil, then I found this one thats called "boxwood basil?" ?
and it does GREAT.
it's small and compact.
Maybe thats an idea for you?
Your herbs look great!
Your not in Oregon are you? I hear it's still winter there!

intothedawn said...

ILLUMINARY~ Not in Orgeon-- but Colorado. It was warm and dry in April but then cold & wet in May this year.

I'll have to look for that type of basil, I don't think I've seen it. How does it taste? Good for cooking? Thanks for the suggestion!

Anonymous said...

It's excellent for pesto!
here is a link, with some info. I just never had luck with basil until I found this guy, and my plant last year was almost 3 feet high!
I hope you can find it local!
happy gardening!