Thursday, May 26, 2011

Making Loose Incense

Last year with my circle, I learned how to make loose incense for burning on charcoal and I fell in love with the process. The very first incense I created was my own personal power incense. It has about 10 different ingredients, including herbs, woods & oils and it turned out absolutely amazing, which I still find hard to believe as it was my first attempt ever. I love using it.

House blessing/protection incense in the square jar on the left, personal power incense next to it on the right.

A couple of weeks ago my circle met and we made incense for house blessing/protection. This time my incense had a much more modest ingredient list, only five different things:

Basil~ courage, love, protection, repels negativity, wealth; basil is also an old traditional housewarming gift

Cloves~ cleansing, purification, wards negativity, wealth

Lavender~ cleansing, purification, peace

Myrrh~ binding, protection, purification/consecration, wards negativity

Rosemary~ blessing, courage, love, health, protection, purification

I am trying to get my herb garden put together again so that I can once again be growing many of the herbs myself to use in incense, candle magic, etc. I still have some of my own calendula, lavender, chamomile and garden sage, but my stash is running low. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can soon afford to replace/replant them all and have a good growing season this year!


Kim said...

This looks so lovely and I bet it smells divine too. I've been apprehensive about burning loose incense because of the charcoal. Is the charcoal real toxic and give off a bad odor? That's the only thing i'm worried about.

RPL said...

Hi Dawn,
I haven't tried making my own blend of incense yet. I'm still trying to get my hubby use to me burning stick incense. It's a slow process..
But I had some success last year starting to grow my own herbs.And getting him use to me cooking with them:)
I've expanded my herb area this year,hope yours grows well.

intothedawn said...

KIM- I use "Swift Lite" incense charcoal and notice little to no smell from it. However it does spark when lit, and according to the article linked below, that indicates some sort of toxic ingredient.

The article recommends using a chemical-free natural charcoal, something I have not heard of before or seen in any local shops that I know of. Not sure how readily available it is.

I have never had any concern of toxicity using the "Swift Lite" or similar in the past. It does NOT have an odor like BBQ charcoal does, not at all. Hope this helps!

PAULETTE~ My hubby is sensitive to smells, so I tend to burn incense (especially loose) when he isn't home, or I keep the door to my Craft/craft room closed.

How fantastic that you are using your own herbs in your cooking! What all are you growing?

RPL said...

Hi Dawn,
I've got lavender, basil, lemon thyme, oregano, chocolate mint, parsley, chives, rosemary, lemon balm and lemon verbena. Also I'm trying dill this summer. I planted a small mini rose bush and moon flower vine.
After last years container and pot garden I have a better idea of what I can manage and will use of my herbs.
Good luck with yours.


Irena said...

Charcoal is also used to alleviate the smell of smokers from cigarettes to marijuana. The loose incense doesn't burn as long as regular stick incense so those typically sensitive to incense can use this form. Scott Cunningham has a book on incense making which is lovely to begin with when starting to make your own incense.

amber dover said...

How do you put out thw charcoal once you light it just incase you have to leave the house

Maureen Business said...