Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Round Robin PAJC Journey

My Pagan Art Journal Circle recently decided to take things a bit further and have started a Round Robin art journal circle to share our artwork with each other, as well as have our own pagan art journals!

Each person in the circle has a journal that we send around-- and each person in the circle will eventually receive it and add at least a page (or more) of pagan themed art to it. When we get the journal back, it will have journeyed across the United States, to Canada, Germany and Australia, and will be filled with art from everyone participating.

Because of the cost of mail these days, most of us went with a large (8 x 5) craft paper cover Moleskine-- it's a reasonable size, lightweight, plenty of pages, and has a handy-dandy pocket in the back.

If we chose, we could have a theme for our art journal. I decided to go with the theme "Divine Nature" and decorated the cover of my Moleskine to express this theme. We also send along an "introduction letter" with our journals-- I shared in mine some childhood experiences related to my theme of Divine Nature and finding my way to my pagan path.

And, I have already received my first journal! I must say, the gorgeousness of the leather cover and paper inside put my poor Moleskine to shame. I was delighted to read the letter included and am now plotting and planning what I will add to her journal as my artistic contribution.

I'm already loving this experience, the anticipation of receiving a new journal every few weeks, seeing the artwork from everyone who's had it before me. So exciting and so much fun!


Danni said...

Your journal looks beautiful and I'm looking forward to working with your theme. :)

intothedawn said...

DANNI~ Awww, thanks! I have always loved your art work & I look forward to seeing what you come up with for my theme. Hope I can do justice when its my turn to contribute to your journal!

Kathleen said...

This sounds like a wonderful project :-)