Monday, June 6, 2011

Filling In the Spaces

I've been adding my little green friends to my herb garden!

The left side has all the spaces filled-- sage, lemon balm, thyme, apple blossom yarrow, lavender and chamomile. There is some periwinkle along the far left side that will hopefully fill in along the fence.

sage~ artistic ability, health, protection, purification, wisdom

lemon balm~good luck, health, love, justice, success

thyme~ courage, healing, psychic power, purification, swift action, ward negativity

yarrow~ defense, divination, love, happy marriage, protection, ward negativity

lavender~ cleansing, creativity, peace, purification, psychic awareness

chamomile~ calmness, meditation, prosperity, purification, rest

The right side has just chamomile, lavender and apple blossom yarrow so far. I think I'd like to put foxglove in the back along the fence. I'm hoping I can find hyssop again so that I can put it in the front corner.

The other spaces... hmmm... any suggestions?


Kim said...

This is a lovely herb garden! I like the geometric pattern with the little stepping stones.

How about a mint patch! :)

Crystalrainbow said...

oooh looks scrummy :) how about valerian it grows wild here and is so pretty x x

intothedawn said...

KIM~ I do have peppermint, but that's in a pot on the front steps. Wish I could have catmint, but the neighborhood cats won't leave it alone!

CRYSTALRAINBOW~ That's an idea; wonder if I could find some and if it would grow here-- has to like sandy soil & hot, arid summers. Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful herb garden.
I hope your harvest will be great !!
Have a magical day.