Thursday, August 4, 2011


Yep, another unplanned hiatus from blogging. Sorry about that. Full time work hours, camping up in the mountains for a pagan festival and then a chaotic trip back to Iowa & Wisconsin for a funeral, now recuperating and trying to reorient myself.

I really like this weekly check-in that Faye does at Aradia's Cauldron, hope its okay to borrow it to do my own check-in:

Watching: Pan's Labyrinth arrived from Netflix the other day, looking forward to watching it again (I saw it in the theatre when it came out). I remember it being strange, thought-provoking, sad and visually stunning.

Thinking: About the next few weeks ahead of me, what needs done for my shops, what needs done before vacay, what needs done right now.

Creating: Polymer clay decorated journal covers, pagan art journal circle pages. I am behind with both, need to play catch-up. Hate that.

Planning: Gathering recipe and decorating ideas for a witches' tea party I have planned for next month's full moon.

Reading: A Cast-Off Coven: A witchcraft mystery by Juliet Blackwell and Learning the Tarot: A book for beginners by Joan Bunning. The first book is some fun, rather mindless fluff; the second has great info, especially on wording questions for tarot and on interpreting Celtic Cross spreads, with which I am becoming quite fond of using.

Listening: Lately, Queen's Greatest Hits has been on my iPod a lot. At this very moment, I'm listening to the pounding of hammers as the neighbors have a new roof put on their house.

Realizing: Already the days are getting shorter. Where did summer go?

Trying: To get myself organized. Strange how an unplanned week away can make everything feel so up in the air for so long. Now I have to remember-- what was I doing before we left? Where do I start from here?

Feeling: Lots of back pain these last couple of days, trying to take it easy and not let it depress me. Chiro app't next week, hope I can make it until then.


Kim Switzer said...

Oh wow. This is a fantastic check-in list. I am going to snatch it for my journal. I love the idea of doing this at the end of each week to get me ready for the next week. Now, here's hoping I can manage to stay focused enough to remember to do it.

Moncha Eilis said...

You have been very busy and the plans you have sound great. I loved Pan's Labyrinth, we have it on DVD.
Queen is fantastic, love their music too.
Hope your back pain will stop soon.
Have a magical day.

intothedawn said...

KIM~ Trying to stay focused to get it done-- EXACTLY! Glad to know I'm not alone. I am a bit short on focus & motivation at the moment.

MONCHA~ Hopefully will get to Pan's Labyrinth this weekend! My back pain is better-- thank you! Some arnica based muscle rub, ice & heat seemed to have made a big difference.

aradia's cauldron said...

yay! I can hardly take credit for the idea but I'm glad to see that others like it. Every now and again it's just a nice way to see a different side of life.

I've been noticing the end of summer too. Hope your back is better post chiro apt.

Thanks for sharing.

intothedawn said...

FAYE~ Its a great check-in, and as I've never seen it anywhere else in blogland, I'm giving credit to you ;-) At any rate, you may have started a trend!

aradia's cauldron said...