Friday, August 5, 2011

Feline Friday: Shoulder Cat

The mister has taught Sassafras a little trick-- shoulder riding!

She was quite nervous when first learning to ride, but now as soon as he heads for the coat rack in the morning before leaving for work, Sassy races over to the back of the couch, purring while he puts on his jacket. Once he has it on, he bends over and she climbs from the back of the couch onto his shoulders, purring all the while.

He gives her lots of lovin' and then, if I'm still in bed, she gets a ride into the bedroom. When he bends down to kiss me goodbye, she hops off onto the bed. They are sooooo cute together!


R.S. Bohn said...

I love it! Now I want to teach one of mine to do that. (the smaller one; the big boy would have us both on the floor)

Cat said...

The next step should be riding on his head! ;-)
I knew a cat who did that. They called it the Bozohat because her name was Bozo.

Great pictures!

Moncha Eilis said...

That is so very cute. Great pictures !!!
The only thing our cats have learned is to give a paw when they get their treats. This is so funny and cute.

averilpam said...

Very cute kitty. I once had a cat who loved to leap from surfaces onto our shoulders - often involving digging in of many claws, not fun at all!

Kim said...

How cute is that! My cat taught me a little game he likes to play. Cats are super smart animals.

kijjet said...

LOL, this is just awesome! :) It gave me BIG smiles.