Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kuan Yin Mantra Meditation

I have had an altar to Kuan Yin for many years now. I've felt drawn to her, but haven't really known what to do to develop that connection, until recently.

Last month I went to a pagan retreat in the mountains. One evening while I was there, a small group of about 8 or so gathered at my camp and my friend Amaset shared with us about the Kuan Yin mantra meditation she's been doing for some time now. After she explained some basics, she handed out malas for those who wanted to use one and we all chanted Kuan Yin's mantra, Namo Kuan Shi Yin Pusa, in the gathering darkness.

Something about that experience really touched me, meant something to me, felt powerful and magical. I felt a definite connection with Kuan Yin, with the peace and comfort she embodies. Since returning home I've practiced chanting her mantra quite a few times using a small sandalwood wrist mala I have. I can't put my finger on why exactly, but this practice is very appealing to me.

I also recently acquired the book that my friend recommended, Mantra Meditation: Change Your Karma with the Sacred Power of Sound by Thomas Ashley-Ferrand. If I'm going to continue this practice, I should know more about what I'm doing, right? Perhaps I've found the daily meditation practice that I've been looking for.


Moncha said...

Sounds great. It is something that might be very good for me too. Just having a moment a day to meditate and really relax ; )
Thank you for the info about the mantra !!
Have a magical day.

intothedawn said...

MONCHA~ Yes, I'm hoping this will "stick" for me as I have tried to start some sort of daily practice and not kept on. Glad you found it interesting too!