Monday, August 22, 2011

This Week I Am

Watching: dark clouds rolling in... and away... leaving nary a drop of rain...

Thinking: there's no place like home

Creating: a pagan art journal page about the herb lavender

Planning: what I need & want to accomplish on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

Reading: Shadow Valley, sequel to Great Sky Woman, which I just finished-- both by Steven Barnes

Listening: to my cats purr-- they're happy their humans are home again; and also listening to Journey (of course!) while I craft

Realizing: it's getting dark waaaaayyy too early in the evenings already

Trying: to get back on track with eating well after not eating so well while on vacay

Feeling: quite mellow... its quite lovely...


Dori said...

Nice post. You sound rested

intothedawn said...

Thanks, Dori; I'm glad to be home & know I have some creative time ahead of me.