Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Scarab Beetle Jewelry

Only four more days until Front Range Pagan Pride Day!

Here is just some of the sculpted Egyptian Scarab beetle jewelry I've been working on for my vendor booth at FRPP--

A hint of metallic blue, green & gold over black makes for some scarabs with an iridescent glow...

I stepped out of my color comfort zone when I created these turquoise and copper scarabs, but I'm glad I did! Hope this set turns out to be as appealing to others as it is to me!

I have a couple other beaded designs and also have some simple necklaces with the scarabs on silk cording which is done in phoenix tail knot work; all will be at FRPP next Saturday.

Scarab beetles are associated with self-creation, renewal and resurrection. They can be worn as a powerful symbol of rebirth or transformation.

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coltpixy said...

Both sets are beautiful! ♥