Tuesday, September 13, 2011

This Week I Am

Watching: Dexter season 3 (again)-- weekend Dexter marathons with hubby!

Creating: polymer clay items for my vendor booth for Front Range Pagan Pride, which is coming up October 1st

Planning: Mom said she'd help me get ready for FRPP while she's here visiting for a week; figuring out what would be helpful to have her work on while I clay, clay, clay!

Reading: Past Tense by Samantha Hunter-- another tarot-reader turned sleuth book, I seem to be hooked on them lately

Listening: to Josh Groban's self-titled CD & 2nd one called Closer, while I clay

Realizing: life just hasn't slowed down at all this summer-- well, since March, actually

Trying: to remain calm

Feeling: a bit overwhelmed

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