Monday, September 26, 2011

This Week I Am

Watching: My sweet Moose-man sleeping on the couch next to me. Also, another Dexter weekend with the hubby. AND this week's season premieres of Criminal Minds, CSI and The Mentalist.

Thinking: Why is it so hard to find plain old brass thumbtacks? I need some, pronto

Creating: new earrings & necklaces for my vendor booth at FRPP next Saturday, Oct. 1st

Planning: all sorts of new ways to display my items at my vendor booth

Reading: It by Stephen King. I've never read it. Never seen the movie, either. When October starts to roll around, I usually dig out Salem's Lot to read-- my fave King novel. This year, thought I'd try one of his books I've always heard about but never got around to reading.

Listening: I admit it! I've been listening to George Michael's Faith CD while I clay! I'm a total child of the 80's, what can I say?

Trying: to keep a mental list of all I need to accomplish this week to be ready for Saturday; I think maybe I'd better start writing stuff down

Feeling: giant energy & mood swings

1 comment:

Crystalrainbow said...

wow thats alot of doing :) oh i love george michael faith too oooooooooh the 80's :) enjoy your week x x x