Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WIP Wednesday: Moons & Bats

I have several projects half finished...

The two small moons will be pendants and the large moon will be a brooch/pin. Now that they are beaded, I need to put clay on the backs to cover the beading wire and put a pin back on the big one, then they'll be baked again. Then I'll varnish them and cure them one more time. That will finish the pin and the pendants will be ready to make into necklaces.

And... from sketch to semi-reality--

the little bat pin is in the works! I have to figure out how I want his nose to look and then he's ready for his first bake. Then he'll be beaded, I'll put clay on the back side to cover the beading wire, add a pin back, bake again, varnish and cure one more time.

I also have some lavender colored african violet petal and gold leaf pendulum beads that just came out of the oven. They'll go into the rock tumbler with wet/dry sandpaper for a couple of days, then be buffed and then ready to put together the pendulums.

Not sure if its better to have lots of projects in various stages of completion or to entirely finish a project before going on the the next. At any rate-- more items in the works!


~~Sew Happy Designs~~ said...

Wowza, I thought the moon inverted was a bat?? I think u are more cleaver than u give yourself credit for!

Valldawn said...

those are cool!!

Anonymous said...

Nice! Love how intricate your designs are! And I can totally relate to the question about whether it's better to focus on 1 or many projects. I'm going with many, as inspiration strikes, because well, I'd be in trouble if it's the other one!!!

Crystalrainbow said...

you are just too darn clever girl :) love em x x x