Sunday, October 9, 2011

First Fall Pot o' Chili

While lots of states have been having unseasonally warm temps it seems, it was cold and rainy here in Colorado this weekend. The mountains and foothills even got snow.

Seemed like the perfect time to make our first pot of super beany chili for fall.

I keep experimenting with our recipe and at this point its come a long way from where I started. This year we found canned fire roasted tomatoes at the grocery store and I knew I had to use those in our chili. Plus, I wanted to try black beans along with the chili and dark red kidney beans, so now my super beany chili has gotten even beanier.

Last weekend we got a bushel of roasted green chiles and spent an evening cleaning and bagging them up to freeze. I think we got about 15 snack sized baggies packed full of green chiles stashed away. A generous half cup of them went into the pot of chili for tonight and I've been collecting other recipes for this winter that use green chiles.

Have you cooked up any fall favorites yet this season?

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Dori said...

Chili looks wonderful! Thinking of some fall favorites now.