Monday, October 10, 2011

This Week I Am

Watching: Morning sunlight flickering through the leaves of the tree in our front yard, always magical.

Thinking: About how fall/winter is a good time to turn inward and do some pagan reading, studying and journaling. Wondering what I should focus on.

Creating: Working on a custom order-- scarab beetle necklace and earrings set. Also working on some art journal pages.

Planning: It's my turn to present at this month's tarot group meeting. I have several different ideas of what I could do, but I need to settle on one and get my presentation put together. Thinking about focusing on exercises that can be done to help clarify meanings of cards that are a challenge to understand.

Reading: Stealing Faces by Michael Prescott. I love good suspense/thrillers and his books are great, if you can stomach the graphic violence. Stayed up until 4:30AM reading his novel Blind Pursuit because it was so riveting. His strong, intelligent female characters are a big plus.

Listening: Last night I was listening to Billy Joel's "The Stranger" CD and thinking, man, I miss the days when music was like that. Also, I think I need more Billy Joel CDs.

Trying: New art journal techniques! Currently fascinated with using alcohol inks for page backgrounds. I have this great alcohol ink faux bleach technique I'm playing with as well.

Feeling: Content. Mellow. Sleepy. Creative. My muse is poking at me-- nice to have her around again.

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