Monday, October 17, 2011

This Week I Am

Watching: The leaves turn yellow on the tree in our front yard. And watching the clock.

Thinking: About the pagan roots of Christianity (prompted by the book I'm reading-- see below). Thinking about Jesus as a Sun/Grain God. Wondering how pagans fought for their beliefs back in the early days of the spread of Christianity, and for those who converted, what was the appeal of Christianity over paganism? Or was conversion all just done by force?

Creating: Nothing at the moment, but I need to stain some plaques and start work on some leaf canes for a custom order.

Planning: Waiting for some news, so plans are up in the air right now.

Reading: Priestess of the Forest, a Druid journey by Ellen Evert Hopman. I'm about halfway through it. This is a fiction novel, but I really like it, and it has me thinking about my spiritual beliefs.

Listening: to silence, to help keep me calm... as long as my mind doesn't start chattering madly, then some soothing music will be in order...

Trying: To remember to breathe today. Deeply. And trying to stay busy.

Feeling: Very agitated. Waiting to hear back about a possible job opportunity and my anxiety is getting the best of me, unfortunately. I don't like that I still get this way when it comes to this issue. I had hoped I was past this.

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