Monday, October 24, 2011

This Week I Am

Watching: Lots of horror movies! Tis the season, after all! Even if I've seen it a million times, if its a horror movie, I'll probably watch it. I also have some lined up in my Netflix queue, but I have to watch Elizabeth: The Golden Age first. Maybe tonite.

Creating: A tarot box mosaic. Need to make more scarabs. And a million other things before vending at Witches' Ball next Saturday.

Planning: A presentation for my tarot group tomorrow night. Looking at doing some exercises on embodying a tarot card.

Reading: The Druid's Isle by Ellen Evert Hopman. A sequel to the Priestess of the Forest book that got me thinking so much. Wonder if this one will get me thinking too.

Listening: To squirrels chattering and scolding outside. Its a gorgeous, unseasonably warm day, so I have the front door open. The cats are glued to the storm door, watching the squirrels-- not that they'd know what to do with one if they caught one.

Realizing: Returned to my seasonal job today for a short project and got hugs from several people I haven't seen all summer-- made me realize just how much I like my job even though its temporary and made me realize what great people I meet and get to work with there.

Trying: To stay focused and get things done that need doing. Its so easy for me to get distracted.

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