Wednesday, October 5, 2011

WIP Wednesday: Art Journal Pages

It's been a long while since I posted any of my 52 Weeks Pagan Art Journal pages because... well... its been a long while since I've had any time to do work on any of them. But here are a couple that are in progress.

This is the page I've started for Week 5, theme "A Letter to Myself." I wanted to try using tissue paper for the background to see if I could create some interesting texture for the page and I've crumpled up and then smoothed out some scrapbooking paper for more texture.

This is another incomplete page; the theme for this one is "Earth." The herb images are stamped and then colored with colored pencils. I wanted to add trees somehow and found this cool embossed scrapbook paper that works. Not sure how I want to finish the page, but I think the Ogham will be part of the design by the time its done.

My summer has been crazy, but now that fall is here, hopefully life will slow down and I can do more with my PAJ pages. I miss art journaling.

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