Monday, November 7, 2011

This Week I Am

Watching: Catching up on shows I've missed because I'm back at work FT and have to go to bed early. My sweet Mister taped The Mentalist, American Horror Story and The Walking Dead for me last week; I watch 'em when I get home from work the next day.

Reading: The Last Druid by P.L. Crompton. I am not impressed. Also started reading about the first tree in the Celtic Tree calendar-- birch.

Listening: To the furnace kick on and off at intervals. Cold weather appears to be here to stay.

Realizing: While I don't appreciate how early it gets dark in the evenings since the time change, it *is* nice to not have to get ready and drive to work in the dark in the mornings. Everything is a payoff...

Trying: To find my creative muse. She always goes on vacation when I start working FT at my seasonal job. *sigh*

Feeling: Stressed out and anxious about work. Hoping I can get my anxiety under control. I've been reduced to taking extra medication so that I can function. Not happy about that, but its a necessary evil right now.

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Kristina said...

Sorry to hear you're stressed. Maybe drink some tea? Then again, that's my answer for everything.