Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Memories

Wishing all who celebrate a very Merry Christmas!

One year when my brother and I were little, Mom made us Christmas stockings out of felt. Mom insists that she isn't artistic, but I've always thought these sweet little stockings were fantastically creative. And obviously well-made, as I still have mine all these years later!

As kids, my L'il Bro was always up before first light on Christmas morning. Which meant I was also up, because he would creep into my room, pounce on my bed and proceed to annoy me until I went downstairs with him to see that Santa had indeed arrived. We weren't allowed to open any gifts until Mom and Dad were up, but we *were* allowed to take down our stockings to see what was in them. It was always fun to see what kinds of little treasures fit into our stockings. Always a candy cane, and always an apple or orange in the very bottom. That tradition is one of my fondest Christmas memories.

Our Christmas was a quiet affair this year, just the two of us, since we were unable to travel back to Iowa & Wisconsin to be with family. But family was close in our hearts and it was nice to spend some time reminiscing my childhood...

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