Thursday, December 1, 2011

Greeman Process

I noticed from reading old blog posts that I often show the beginnings of my creative projects but forget to show them once I have them completed. Oops! So here is a recent custom order I did for a Greenman wall plaque and a few photos showing just part of the process of creating him.

You may remember my post on creating a simple leaf cane. I don't do much canework, but I have made a few simple canes before. The photo below shows the cane all put together before being compressed and reduced.

I used slices of the leaf cane and mixed light and dark olive greens for creating the leaves for the Greenman's face. All the veining in the leaves was done using a needle tool. Here is the completed face on the unfinished plaque.

The leaves on the Greenman were given a wash of either burnt umber or gold acrylic to bring out the details of the veining. Then he was varnished and heat cured once more. The plaque was sanded, stained and waxed. I did a little detail line of gold paint around the edge of the plaque and added felt to the back side, along with a saw tooth hanger.

So here is the Greenman completed! I am always amazed at how an acrylic wash/patina and a varnish can help bring out the colors and details of a piece. If you do polymer clay sculpting and have never tried it, I highly recommend experimenting-- it brings new life to each piece you create.


Dori said...

Great work Dawn Marie.

Kristina said...

That is adorable.

greekwitch said...

He is amazing!