Thursday, December 29, 2011

Listing New Items

Gearing up for the New Year by listing lots of new items in my Into the Dawn Designs Etsy shop! Some new items include:

PLUS, more herbal pendulums, herbal rune sets, rune necklaces, scarab beetle jewelry, decorative brooches perfect for cloaks... etc.,. etc., etc.! I'll be adding items daily, so be sure to check my shop often; you never know what you might find waiting there for you!


Dori said...

Love your shop DM and very much love those new ear rings.

Nadja said...

I loooved the earring and everything else!!! So pretty!!! Happy 2012

intothedawn said...

DORI~ Thank you! I think choosing to focus on only one shop is good for my muse!

NADJA~ Thank you so much! Its good to know that my new design ideas are appealing, I appreciate the feedback. Happy New Year to you!