Thursday, December 22, 2011

Winter Solstice Blessings

Welcome the return of the Sun! May the blessings of Winter Solstice be upon you! It does my heart good to know that the days begin to lengthen from here on out.

I don't have a particular ritual that I do for the Winter Solstice, but I do like the tradition of lighting the Yule Log to drive away the darkness of the longest night. Unfortunately we have no fireplace, but as you can see above, I make do.

Last night it began snowing around 6pm and it was good to be warm and at home. I was very tempted to stay up the rest of the night and greet the sunrise... but I guess I'm getting a bit too old for that, as my energy puttered out around 2 am.

Perhaps some solstice baking (I haven't yet made my cranberry orange walnut bread this season) will suffice as an alternative way of celebrating this year? Have a Blessed Yule, however you celebrate it!


Danni said...

I don't have a particular ritual either. I feast with the husband, light lots of candle (and for the first time - a fire!) and take time to laugh or just be still and contemplate.

Merry Yule to you, hun! :)

Jeanne said...

A Joyous Yule to you and yours!