Monday, January 2, 2012

Tarot for 2012

Last night I did my traditional tarot spread for the new year. I like to draw a card for each moon cycle of the year and use that card as my guide for each moon.

1st moon~ January 23~ Ace of Swords
2nd moon~ February 21~ The Hermit (9)
3rd moon~ March 22~ 4 of Cups
4th moon~ April 21~ 8 of Wands
5th moon~ May 20~ Cernunnos (15) **
6th moon~ June 19~ The Hanged Man (12)
7th moon~ July 19~ Prince of Wands
8th moon~ August 17~ The World (21)
9th moon~ September 16~ 8 of Pentacles
10th moon~ October 15~ Princess of Wands
11th moon~ November 13~ 8 of Cups
12th moon~ December 13~ 6 of Cups

** In traditional decks, Cernunnos (15) is known as The Devil card

For some reason I thought there were 13 new moons this year (there are 13 FULL moons this year), so I drew 13 cards. So 2 of Cups will be the card for the first moon cycle of 2013-- a very good way to start the year.


Nadja said...

I loved the idea! I wanted to start my year drawing some cards for myself... but didn't yet. I will now!!!

Kristina said...

Good idea! A great way to incorporate magic into the new year's celebration

intothedawn said...

NADJA~ Glad you like the idea-- love to hear about how this type of spread works for you if you try it.

KRISTINA~ Thanks! When I first started doing a NYE spread, I did 12 cards, 1 for each month, which didn't feel right over the year. When I decided to draw a card for each moon cycle, it really made a difference!

*~ Aurora Brierley ~* said...

Your year ahead looks wonderful my lovely! I've been doing this sort of reading for myself for many years now and find it a positive way to begin a new year. I also do a general yearly overview at Samhain.

I love those tarot cards, DruidCraft are my favourite <3