Monday, January 16, 2012

This Week I Am

Watching: All the robins that are around our neighborhood-- in winter! Evidently Colorado isn't very cold this year, because they are everywhere, its so strange. I've been seeing them for weeks.

Reading: Magic Study by Maria V. Snyder, 2nd book in the "Study" series. I read the first book, Poison Study last week. It was a book I found recommended by someone on Pinterest. They are pretty easy reads, but they've kept me interested.

Listening: Well, I heard some Yaz on the radio the other night and I'm thinking THAT'S WHAT'S MISSING from my iPod. Yup, yup, yup.

Planning: I sold a Spiral Goddess wall plaque a year or two ago to a friend who has since moved away. The woman who bought it recently asked if I could create a male deity figure to go with it, so I've been looking at petroglyphs and tribal style figures to see what kinds of inspiration I can come up with.

Thinking: Its time to put away the holiday decorations and the little fiberoptic tree we got this year, but-- I DON'T WANNA! I love the sparkly lights and the decorations are so cheery. I haven't gotten enough of them yet, evidently. But really, I should put them away. And I will. Soon.

Trying: To add some simple weight lifting exercises to my week. I have some 3 lb. weights I've been exercising with recently and want to explore all the different arm exercises I can do with them.

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