Monday, January 23, 2012

Yemaya Shrine Listed

I created this shrine in Yemaya's colors-- sky blue, white and silver. I hand stamped and cut all the polymer clay tiles for this shrine and they are mixed with some mirror tiles and iridescent blue glass tiles. The sculpted Goddess face in the center is set on a collage of art papers-- vellum, mulberry paper and a wonderful embossed pearlized paper.

Yemaya is a water goddess, a Yoruban Orisha who is called The Mother of All and Queen of the Seven Seas. She rules over oceans and rivers. She is known to be a proud and nurturing mother goddess who protects her children; she also is known to cure infertility. For more about Yemaya, see here.


Engineer&TheGypsy said...

This is so lovely...what a fantastic addition to your shop.

Celtic Witch said...

Absolutely beautiful. Yemaya is not one of my patrons but I think you've really honoured her with this - love the turquises and stuff you've used - great!
Bright Blessings

Seawave said...

Beautiful :)

I have a book called "Mermaid Magic" in which speaks of Yemaya. I honour her as well as one of my own patrons, Poseidon. They work very well together.

Thanks for posting this gorgeous picture :)