Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Journal Pages

I've been working on some journal pages, but it seems everything is still half done. Here is one that IS complete, though.

Below is a page for my Celtic Tree studies that is almost complete. I want to put my name in ogham on the green leaf the way it would look without the alphabetic letters next to the ogham.

And a page that I've gotten prepped for writing about my 2o12 tarot card, The Fool.

What's your journal looking like these days?


yours truly said...

Very crafty and cool.
My journal has been rather empty because I forget to write in it! It's an everyday journal, not a mirror, dream, or Book of Shadows. I plan on making an amazing three-ring binder BoS sometime after I start my Year and a Day. :)

Celtic Witch said...

Wonderful pages. I especially like your Ogham one. I use the Ogham a lot in my life. I don't do journal pages per se but I have a special book with craft pages and I alter them. Rather like a scrap book kind of thing. When I'm feeling in that crafty way I just start a new page and decorate it how I fancy. I'll try to scan some pages and post them in my blog. Great going :)

Harzgeist said...

This is so beautiful! I've been meaning to create something like this, but so far, my journal is just white pages written on with pencil...

Patricia Langley said...

I am loving the fact that since I have joined the PBP, I have found a lot of people who are very crafty. It is very comforting, since my mom loved to do crafts and was very good at anything she put her mind to. Thank you so much for sharing.

Babs of Crowe Shea Fashions said...

I keep my journal online, under lock and key. Which reminds me, I've been a bad little witch and haven't updated the software recently, let alone write in it.

*sheepish grin*

Nichole said...

Absolutely awesome pages. I have a bound journal that I use, but I'm not very crafty with it. In fact, I'm so nervous about messing it up its hard for me to write in it, hehe.

Going to be honest, Ogham is new to me. I'll add it to the list of things that I haven't encountered yet that I need to read up on!