Tuesday, February 21, 2012

This Week I Am

Feeling: On an emotional rollercoaster, especially today.

The low-- My surgical wound from December re-opened over the weekend, which means something is still wrong. I have been so distressed, dismayed, discouraged, don't even know the right word for it, since it happened. I see the surgeon next week and we'll determine where to go from here.

The high-- I found out today I've been promoted at work! I am totally jazzed about it! It was a complete surprise, as I didn't think I met all the qualifications for the position. Evidently, I do! I will be a Quality Assurance Coordinator (or, as we fondly call them at work, the QuACk) for 2 projects for summer session, which means I'll be in charge of training and supervising a team of 50-70 people.

Thinking: In regards to my promotion-- I actually think I feel confident about it, which is so opposite from how I usually react to things. When I was promoted last time I was full of fear and doubting myself. This time, I think I've been given a good match and I'm hoping I'll be very good at what I need to do. In regards to my health-- I'm worrying about whether or not its going to interfere with my promotion and I really don't that to happen.

Reading: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Steig Larsson. Saw the (U.S. version) movie a couple of weeks ago and wanted to read the book. So far, it seems the movie was pretty faithful to the novel, with one real change. Waiting to see if it means a major or minor difference to the plot.

Watching: Over the weekend the Mister and I were total nerds and watched the ENTIRE 6th season of Dexter. It was very good as always, but despite the big shocker at the very end, I have to say I was disappointed with that final scene. I think the writers have backed themselves into a corner and if they resolve it the way I think they're going to next season, I'm just not going to buy it, because I don't think it will be true to the characters.

Planning: Starting to put together my work schedule; short, low-key project the rest of this week. Have to add the 2 new projects I'm QACing for onto my calendar. Crunch time at work begins in another month or so. I've also been taking lots of photos and editing them, then putting together rough drafts of listings for new items for my Etsy shop, need to keep working on those as well.


~~Sew Happy Designs~~ said...

Congrats on your promotion, I'm sure you deserve it. Take the other part one day at a time. Lean on your friends and family who love you and all will be well!

Crystalrainbow said...

congrats hun :) hope your healing better now and ty for your wonderful comments over at mine x x bless ty your in the draw x x