Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Equinox Gardening Altar

Blessed Spring Equinox to all who celebrate!

I created a "sabbat specific" altar for the first time in ages (usually my altar is dedicated to the four elements, Lord & Lady) and it's a wonderful change.

This year for the Spring Equinox, I decided to create a Gardening altar; my gardening tools and the seeds I will be planting are on the altar ready to be blessed. For those who don't know, my altar is an antique marble-topped Edwardian table that belonged to my great-grandmother. I almost always use a pastel tea towel, embroidered by my Gram, as an altar cloth. A few other special items on my altar include my in-progress apple wood wand, a bit of moss from a tree at Lake Tahoe where I went one year for a mini-vacation, a cowrie shell I got when I was initiated, a pinecone I picked up on a walk with my husband in the housing area where we lived when we first got married, a very special rock that looks like crystals, tree roots and moss, and a tagua nut that was a gift from one of my Wiccan teachers.

I have a little decorated nest filled with the packets of seeds I'm going to plant this year in my herb garden and patio pots: chamomile, cosmos, moonflower, snapdragons and zinnias. I am still looking for the calendula seeds I plant every year and some nasturtiums, but they will be added for blessing when I find them. I also have my boline for cutting plants and herbs, and some pretty carved and painted eggs in the basket.

My most-used gardening tools are on my altar as well-- a new transplanting trowel, as my old one finally met its demise, and my pruning shears used for trimming roses, thick woody stems and small branches.

As always, I'm excited that the spring planting time is drawing near. I love preparing my pots and garden for planting, love having my hands in the soil, love seeing my perennial green friends returning and choosing my new annual green friends for planting. This year my Spring Equinox celebration is all about seeds, nurturing and growing.

May whatever new seeds you plant this spring be blessed!


Walk in the Woods said...

What a lovely idea! I read this post and wonder … why has it never occurred to me to create a gardening altar to honor the spring? Thank you for the fabulous inspiration!

And beautiful, bountiful springtime blessings back atcha!

Velody Dark said...

The idea of using almost mundane gardening tool is awesome! I love that you just have a trowel in there and seed packets. It's gorgeous. :)

I've love it if you'd add this post or even a different one for a blog hop I'm hosting on Saturday. This is the link for the details. http://treegoldandbeegold.com/2012/02/spring-has-sprung-blog-hop-march-25th.html

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful altar and those seeds look great. I love the way they are packaged. The new trowel looks fantastic. I love the eggs in the nest.
Happy Ostara to you too !!!

Ketutar said...

I agree :-) This is a great idea, and I wonder too why it has never occurred to me :-) THank you for sharing :-)

Lesley said...

Love the idea! How original!