Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tarot for 2012: 3rd moon

It's well into the 3rd moon cycle of the year; time for me to explore the card I drew for this moon when I did my New Year's reading

from the Druidcraft Tarot


Keywords & phrases include: Stagnation, dissatisfaction, discontent, apathy, stuck in a rut, lack of motivation, withdrawing from involvement, feeling disengaged, ignoring gifts & blessings. 

This card is about being self-focused, often to the point of losing awareness of others or the environment around oneself. Life seems stagnant, but only because focus is on what is causing discontent. The figure in this card is so focused on the 3 cups within sight and completely misses the opportunity presented by the cup behind her. 

This card describes very well where I am at, especially the past couple of weeks. I have been so withdrawn while healing from surgery earlier this month that life feels stagnant. I am looking for things to engage my mind and heart and pull me out of my apathy-- hence, buying seeds, cleaning out my garden and focusing on the arrival of spring to lift my spirits. I am still struggling, but I feel that I'm starting to awaken from a deep sleep. 

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